Oyster Perpetual

Rolex released New Oyster Perpetual series, in addition to 39 mm watch and with special new 26, 31, and 34 mm on the surface of the watch table .New watch timepieces launched in 2014, with 31 and 36 mm Oyster Perpetual watches, composed of a series, contains a variety of sizes and attractive surface, fully show the legacy of Rolex. Red grape surface is suitable for all size watches ─ 26, 31, 34, 36 and 39 mm, these series wrist watches interact with one another.

One of the representative functions of Oyster Perpetual series is its precision, in another word, it can show the time accurately, and this is the essence of the concept of Oyster type. It is the result of the world's first waterproof wrist watch in 1926─ oyster type wrist watch .Rolex became very famous because of it.

Oyster Perpetual series of Oyster type watchcase can withstand the water as deep as 100 meters, is a classic model of solid and reliable, with unique shaped middle layer watch case made of original 904 solid steel, it is difficult to corrosion. Triangle grooved bottom cover with the brand exclusive special tool to tighten, make the watch case completely sealed.

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