When speak of the concentrated attention on the chain belt of watches ,there is one that can compare with TAG heuer, such as S/el watches, stainless chain belt with s-shaped Link then using the chain belt sparked the development of a totally new watch funds are another type of creation, because a famous F1 champion wear it at the race, after designed again in 1999, it arrived on the scene with the name link, in addition to the advocacy of a lot of famous sports ,in 2003 the models were created for golf star Tiger Forest specially, in 2007, commemorated the twentieth anniversary within the series, created the timing clock with the highest precision of 1/100 in the second, after twenty five years of uncountable adjustments, it released the new link in 2011.

New Link still use s-shaped link model, but more smooth, more thin, also much more simple, through fine grind arenaceous processing, and adopted in edge honing grinding, still focus on the comfort of wearing .The case and bezel are also simpler and modernize. The brand new TAG Heuer Link timepieces only have black or silver surface plate at this moment, with a member of the vertical line decoration, differ from previous generation, 40 mm diameter and K gold stainless chain belt will attract a lot of people who prefer low-key luxury.

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