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The replica Tudor watches are with the same quality to the replica Rolex, but the sales are much less than the fake Rolex. Tudor brand is the lower priced "little brother" of the Rolex, Tudor watches have the less history and reputation than Rolex. The cheap counterfeit Tudor timepieces are priced the same to the faux Rolex, this is the other reason why the sales of Tudor replicas are much less than rolex copies. Anyway the replica Tudor is something popular, the sales are larger than some historic big brand, such as Patek Philippe, Piaget and so on. We recreate the Tudor watches here for the persons who like the Tudor name and design.

Our replica Tudor timepieces also carry that same pride as the genuine ones do. As you can seen, there is nothing missing from a replica Zenith except the movement and materials, compared to the genuine ones, you can check out the high-end replica watches easily in ReplicaWatchesUK.CN. We captured the appearance and content of the original Tudor, which makes Tudor replicas such a joy to wear. ReplicaWatchesUK.CN are dead serious about the quality and services. We want to make sure that they are in good condition as the real and our imitated Tudor watches are no exception. We would like to think that we are doing the brand proud, especially when people who buy our timepices send us excited emails telling us how people keep falling for our goods.

Compare the Tudor and Rolex
Tudor is a sub-brand of Rolex that uses Swiss ETA movements versus in-house made Rolex movements. Of course, Tudor makes their own watches with unique designs compared to the Rolex models, but that is the principle difference and why Tudor watches are by and large less expensive. However, it is true that replica Rolex Submariner and fake Tudor Hydronaut components are made for the most part by the same people using (more than likely) a lot of the same machines in ReplicaWatchesUK.CN.

In places like the US, Tudor has been absent for a long time, but in September of 2013 Tudor is making a comeback to the USA. Without a brand identity, it makes a lot of sense for them to extract as much value as possible out of their relationship with Rolex, given Rolex’s very high status and position in the US. Likewise, around the world, Rolex is typically held in very high regard, so any association with Rolex is something that at least, on a salesperson-to-consumer basis, would likely be communicated as a positive feature.