Replica U-boat Classico CAB | AB Watches

The replica U-boat Classico CAB | AB watch is designed for people looking for a classy and sophisticated timepiece but are not prepared to spend too much on the watch. Just like other watches from the U-Boat brand, this watch is also founded on designs that date as far back as 1942. The watch which initially was to be the official watch for the navy came to be a few years ago and has become a popular choice for many people. The fake Classico CAB | AB Watch is as good as the original and it’s hard to distinguish the differences.

The replica U-boat Classico CAB | AB watch is made from stainless steel that has been coated by black PVD. It features a rubber strap that works together with a black stainless steel clasp to offer a firm fit. The engraved plate plus the highly-polished steel bring out an elegant, classic and sporty appeal. The Classico Cab is equipped with a dial made from carbon fiber hence the name “Carbonio.” Similar to other U-Boat watches, it is powered by Japanese automatic movement and comes with a standard 45 mm case or an oversize 53 mm case. 

Features & Specifications
The U-boat Classico CAB | AB Watch is a cheap replica watch that is distributed by Exposed. It is a quartz chronograph men’s watch that features an hour, minute and second hands. Boasting of a large sapphire crystal glass, the watch is not only classy but also sporty and is appropriate for both formal and informal wear. It comes with the innovative “sandwich” dial that is made of two layers, one on top of the other. Each layer is made from a different material to reveal varying texture and color.

The Good
-Strong and Durable: The watch is made from high quality stainless steel and a sapphire crystal glass. It can tolerate regular use, abrasion and the elements as well.
-Classy and Elegant: The use of black PVD steel together with cabin fiber brings out a classic and elegant appeal. This is further boosted by the two-layered “sandwich” dial.
-Japanese Quartz movement: Unlike other replica watches that usually come with Chinese quartz movement, the cheap replica U-boat Classico CAB | AB watch by Exposed runs on Japanese Quartz movement.
-High quality and affordable: You can hardly tell the difference between this fake watch and the original. It is a high quality and classy watch but is quite affordable.

The Bad
-It is designed for men only and women won’t find it suitable
- The watch is a bit heavy and bulky compared to others in the same category

The Bottom Line
Finding a quality fake U-Boat in UK and Unite States shouldn’t be a challenge or a costly affair. You can look sophisticated, trendy and like “a million bucks” by adorning this beautiful time piece. It is professionally-made, features highly-accurate Japanese quartz movement, and is also comfortable to wear courtesy of the rubber strap. Anyone looking for a quality, sophisticated and trendy imitation watch will find the cheap replica U-boat Classico CAB | AB watch by Exposed a good choice.