If you are looking for a combination that includes a high quality gadget and a watch, you should probably examine the Welder timepieces. Italy’s company Officine Fontana started working in 1942 on a line of watches that would be easy to read in dim light. The first collection called U-Boat was launched only in 2000 when the sketches were rediscovered. The collection was soon expanded and the Welder brand came into existence. Welder produces stylish, functional watches, some of them designed especially for people wearing the timepiece on the right hand. Over sized cases, bold contrasting colors, and unique styles, are what Welder represents. The distinctly placed left position crown that lets the wrist move freely sets Welder apart from all other watches.

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Let's start with the obvious: With a name like Welder, one can easily assume this watch is made for men. As soon as you hear the name, you know it’s going to have an industrial, hardcore design reflective of its namesake’s intense, back-breaking reputation. The obvious aside, both the Welder’s durable construction and its utilitarian design only reinforce the idea that this timepiece isn’t for wimps. Available in 27 slightly contrasting models, each Welder K24 displays the same hefty composition that sums up the overall essence of the series: heavy-duty looks complete with hardworking practicality.It’s tough to classify watches. Some err on the side of dress only, some merely work for casual purposes, and some cover every shift. The Welder K24 lands squarely in that last segment. While its appearance does have an industrial slant to it, the Welder K24's sophisticated and masculine detailing allows it to transcend formalities. Certainly, some of the 27 contrasting models do so more convincingly than others, but that’s just another individualistic aspect that makes the Welder K24 that much more versatile. It’s like buying a watch on a sliding scale: You get the same overall superior design, but with elements best suited to your own purposes. The Welder K24 Series, unlike almost all other one-dimensional watches, allows you to customize your watch to your needs. And when you attribute that most impressive ability to the series, you get a watch that defies classification.